VIP Debt Weapons ™

Debt Weapons™ are tools that allow any consumer to achieve 1 or more of 7 highly financially beneficial results.

  1. Maximize Cash Flow
  2. Compress Amortization Schedules
  3. Replace Inadequate Bank Accounts
  4. Invest More Quickly & Safely
  5. Minimize Total Interest Costs
  6. Enhance & Protect FICO® Credit Scores
  7. Quickly Increase Financial Safety and Emergency Reserves


To be clear, VIP Financial Education does not provide or offer Debt Weapons™.

We do the research for our Coaching Members in order to help them identify the right Debt Weapons™, at the right time, to accelerate their unique goals.

Just like exercise equipment can injure you when used incorrectly, Debt Weapons™ can also be quite harmful if you access the wrong one, or use the right one the wrong way.

Applying for any Debt Weapon™ without knowing the proper questions to ask, can lead to several negative consequences. For example, credit scores can rapidly decline, you could access the wrong Debt Weapon™ for your intended purpose leading to unforeseeable costs and terms, possibly delaying your goals even further.

VIP Financial Education does extensive research every month in order to remain the leading authority on these tools. As a result, we have discovered sixteen categories of Debt Weapons™ which we guide our Coaching Members to.

VIP offers several classes which will help educate you further on a variety of Debt Weapons™.


Experts argue there is a better way to borrow money and live 100% debt free for life much more quickly.

Watch our class to see the in depth analysis and determine if you’re missing something.