About VIP Financial Education

VIP How It Works

VIP Financial Education helps accelerate the ability to create wealth through strategic banking and accountability.

A common misconception is that budgeting requires sacrifice. We provide a unique financial education designed to maximize cash flow while preserving and often even enhancing lifestyle.

Proactive banking increases your ability to accelerate many financial goals. Goals that our system is designed to rapidly accelerate include:

  1. 100% mortgage and non-mortgage debt elimination
  2. Cash flow maximization
  3. Faster and safer investing
  4. Credit score enhancement
  5. Financial safety and peace of mind
  6. Lifestyle preservation and enhancement
  7. Proper education to share with future generations

We help you accomplish your financial goals through free education and by showing you how to easily use a revolutionary 7 point system that will create a much healthier relationship with the banks.

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Experts argue there is a better way to borrow money and live 100% debt free for life much more quickly.

Watch our class to see the in depth analysis and determine if you’re missing something.

We earn revenue by providing ongoing personalized coaching and support to ensure the techniques taught in our free classes are used correctly and safely in a plan.

VIP IS. . .

  • NOT a retirement product
  • NOT a credit repair program
  • NOT a debt settlement program
  • NOT a debt consolidation program
  • NOT a refinance of your current loans
  • NOT a multilevel software product

NOTE: VIP does NOT damage your credit scores like the above mentioned programs can. Should a member of our coaching program need help maximizing their credit scores, we will even provide access to our 760 Club™ at no charge.